Stellar Trees Library

The Stellar Trees library is a C++ framework for performing efficient topological queries on simplicial and non-simplicial meshes. It provides a scalable and compact representation that encodes the minimal information to locally reconstruct the topological connectivity of its indexed elements. This provides the flexibility to efficiently construct the optimal data structures to solve the task at hand using a fraction of the memory required for a corresponding topological data structure on the global mesh. The efficiency of the Stellar library increases with the execution of successive queries, as the construction costs of these runtime data structures are amortized over multiple accesses while processing each node. For a description of the required libraries for building the library, the compilation process, the run-time options and of the supported input format, please refer to the readme file available in the repository archive. The source code and additional information can be found on GitHub.
Reference: The Stellar decomposition: A compact representation for simplicial complexes and beyond by Riccardo Fellegara, Kenneth Weiss, and Leila De Floriani in Computers & Graphics, 98, pages 322-343, 2021.